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Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophical practice of allowing energy (Qi, Chi, or life force) to flow smoothly into every area of an environment.  The practice of Feng Shui can unlock blockages in one’s finances, love life, health, and more.  Or, if an area is going well, tweaks can often be made to allow things to go even better.


Krista Holden has been practicing Feng Shui since 2004.  She works with people in their homes and/or offices to help them discover where the energy is stuck and make changes to allow it to flow.  The process includes a 2-3 hour session in the space with Krista and John.  Krista will apply the principals of Feng Shui and she and John will both use their abilities to read energy to gain further insight into what might be precluding abundance in a given area.  Clients receive a recap of their findings and the cures that are prescribed to work around any blockages.


Cost:  $400


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When you need something to change, you have need of it and it will stay.  Only when it has permission to stay forever does it begin to change.  That is forgiveness.

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