CHANGE YOUR INBOX, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! tips & tricks for creating the life you want with ease


There is no limit to what you can have.

We believe that there are only two emotions:  Love and Fear.  All of the good things we feel are just different forms of love and all of the things we consider negative feelings are just different shades of fear.  Whether you are struggling with physical and health concerns, emotional pain, or you just don’t have something you want yet, the root cause is fear.  And fear can be healed.


Below are some of the most common things people see us for and some of the things they go on to create.  However, absolutely anything can be healed and absolutely anything can be created, so don’t let these examples limit your thinking.




Anxiety & Depression

Personal relationships

General unhappiness

Fear & worry

Past trauma



Limiting Beliefs





Chronic Pain

Serious illness

Money issues




Fertility & women’s issues




The foundation to a happy life is a happy heart.  All of the things created below were done so from the heart and therefore a deeper level of joy is felt around them.  Creating what you want is always fun.  But creating what you want when your heart is light and your emotions are balanced is unbeatable.



Emotional Creations often

 include physical healing


• Healing anxiety and depression


• Changing relationship with

and calming fears around money


• Healing strained or broken

relationships of all kinds


• Knowing you are not alone, even

though you may sometimes feel lonely


• A true understanding that you are

always ok and being taken care of


• No longer being ruled by overwhelm


• Greatly increasing overall levels of joy, enthusiasm, laughter, and fun


• Healing past traumas: physical,

 emotional and spiritual


• Getting what's stuck to unstick


• Allowing greater clarity and

ease in your life


• Eliminating or reducing worry


• Experiencing deeper fulfilment in your life


• Creating a greater faith in and connection to oneself


• Learning to forgive yourself and others


• Being more in present time, with less

worry from future or past fears


• Processing a death and healing relationships from those who have

passed on





Physical Creations often

involve emotional healing


• Achieving financial goals


• Weight loss


• Healing health issues including: cancer, sciatica, concussions, body pain, plantar fasciitis, "genetic" migraines, tendonitis, headaches, scars, fibromyalgia, arthritis


• Creating more time &

relaxation for yourself


• Finding a romantic partner


• Getting pregnant despite

 infertility diagnoses


• Career fulfilment & success


• Healing injuries


• Better sleep & more energy


• Starting new businesses


• Creating a better work environment

with co-workers and clients


• Getting off anxiety or anti-depressive meds with ease and joy


• Letting go of addictions


• Buying and/or selling real estate easily


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When you need something to change, you have need of it and it will stay.  Only when it has permission to stay forever does it begin to change.  That is forgiveness.

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