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John has been helping people change their lives for over 20 years.  The methods of healing and creating that he has developed began during his work as a physical therapist when he watched the traditional techniques he had been taught fall short of fully healing his patients’ discomforts.  He explored alternative modalities, studying Myofascial Release with John F. Barnes, PT and Craniosacral Therapy with Dr. John Upledger, D.O.
What really began to change things for John, however, was when he got to know his patients on a more personal level.  He began asking questions about what they were thinking of when their pain set in, who they were with, and what else was going on in their lives.
Clear patterns developed from these conversations and John realized that he could more successfully treat the physical pain when he understood the emotional.  Guided by his intuition and his patients’ progress, he developed several new techniques that addressed both the physical and emotional bodies.
Around this same time, John was on a spearfishing trip with friends that ultimately ended up changing his life and dramatically increasing the effectiveness he had with his patients.  After watching one of the guys dive deeper and stay under water longer than any of the others, and then interact with a moray eel in a way John had never seen a human do before, he knew something about his friend was different.  When John asked the guy how he did what he did, his friend just smiled knowingly and told John about a place in San Francisco that teaches people how to work with energy.
That place is Psychic Horizons and the name alone gave John pause.  He had never believed in psychics before and it was a completely different idea of what his upbringing and background had taught him to think of as “normal.”  Still, what he saw that day in the water and what he felt in his gut said that he had to explore it further so he began taking classes.  At the end of a two year program, he had greatly heightened his intuition and had developed additional techniques and exercises that were already proving successful with his clients.  By being able to read people’s energy he is able to see beyond what is happening in their physical state to move them forward when they get stuck and help them achieve results not otherwise possible.
By combining the spiritual aspect with the physical and emotional, John’s practice quickly began to evolve from clients coming in strictly with physical ailments to those coming for emotional and spiritual care, or simply a desire to learn to create more effectively.  Whichever direction they start from, John ends up working with all three parts of them.
The results John witnesses at Holden Healing are beyond what he had originally ever thought possible and therefore he continues to be inspired every day.  He loves what he does and wants to share this life changing work with the world so that every person can heal what they have and create what they want.
When John isn’t with his clients he’s enjoying the outdoors with his wife and daughter.


Psychic Healer, Feng Shui Practitioner

A friend of John’s in college at California State University Sacramento, Krista Holden is now his wife, mother to their daughter, partner in Holden Healing, a teacher and tutor to children, a graduate of Psychic Horizons, alternate Friday morning meditation guide, and Holden Healings’ resident Feng Shui expert who does the same healing work that John does, but only with women.  Krista offers incredible insights and guidance in her one-on-one sessions to help women heal what they have and create what they want.
Although as a child she was always rearranging her bedroom furniture because she noticed a difference in the way it made the room feel, Krista did not grow up in an environment where “psychic school” was the norm or moving furniture for the sake of feeling better was a job.  However, while she was working as an elementary school teacher, John and Krista’s friendship began to incorporate the things he had learned at Psychic Horizons and the techniques he had created since.  John helped Krista find greater clarity and make changes in her professional and personal lives as well as her physical well-being.  After a lifetime plagued by significant chronic migraines, the work she was doing with John proved to be the only thing that alleviated the pain.
Intrigued by everything she had experienced, Krista decided to also go through the program at Psychic Horizons.  Her number one goal was to learn to trust her own information more.
She graduated in 2004, the same year that she and John were married and she obtained her Feng Shui certification.  Sensitive to the energy around her, Krista applies her ability to read energy to every type of work she does – whether in the classroom, tutoring kids in her home, working with private clients, or in her Feng Shui practice – making her incredibly effective at whichever role she is serving.  She credits the tools she has learned and her daily practice of using them for helping her to establish boundaries, separate from the emotions and energy of others, and own her information in the work place and her personal life.
When Krista isn’t creating with Holden Healing, she is playing with their daughter, taking an exercise class, going for a hike, or on a camping trip with her family.
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When you need something to change, you have need of it and it will stay.  Only when it has permission to stay forever does it begin to change.  That is forgiveness.

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