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The work we do at Holden Healing has often been called “effective”, “efficient”, and “like no other” by our clients.  John Holden developed the tools and techniques by combining his training as a physical therapist with his keen intuition and ability to read energy.  The unique approach garners powerful results when nothing else has because it goes beyond the symptoms (whether they are emotional or physical), directly addressing the root cause.


Every physical sensation has an emotional response and every emotion has a physical sensation.  Unlike traditional therapies that often only look at one or the other, we combine the two and add a spiritual component.  By connecting to the entire body – physical, emotional and spiritual – we are able to get a complete picture and identify the pain point that is causing the issues.  Once we know what the fear is, we can pull from several exercises and tools that guide the client to heal it.  Many of our clients come to us when they feel like they’ve hit a dead end with traditional therapy, but others come simply to create something they really want.


After healing comes creating and in order to create one must know exactly what they want.  Surprisingly, this is often one of the most challenging parts of the process for people.  We tend to be so busy focusing on what we don’t want that we’re not truly sure what we do want.  Additionally, sometimes we don’t have what we want because we are afraid we don’t deserve it, will never be able to obtain it, or that something negative will happen if we get it.  We have tools for all of this, too.  Anything can be healed.  Anything can be created.


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When you need something to change, you have need of it and it will stay.  Only when it has permission to stay forever does it begin to change.  That is forgiveness.

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